What happens to your body when you use the Tuska Mat?

5-15 minutes The pressure applied to the body or feet stimulates the release of endorphins and oxytocin. Best used in the morning to energise yourself before the day ahead.
5-20 minutes Relaxation will start to kick in and you may begin to enter a meditative state. Best used to relax and recharge if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.
20-45 minutes Stress levels decrease, physical pain and mental tension start to melt away, and sleep is facilitated. Best used before bed.


Targeting different areas

Targeting your back:

Lie on the mat for around 20 minutes. For increased pressure, lie on a solid surface. If you're finding the mat isn't meeting your curves you can lie on a soft surface or use a pillow beneath the mat under the arch of your back.


A man lies on the blue acupressure mat and pillow


Targeting your Neck & Shoulders:

Lie on the Tuska Pillow for around 15 minutes. Adjust the Tuska Pillow so it sits snug under your neck. 


A man lies on the acupressure pillow blue


Targeting the pressure points in your feet:

Your feet have lots of pressure points, so this is a great way to get a quick acupressure effect. It will be quite intense at first, but we recommend standing on the mat for around 5 minutes. If it's too intense try with socks on or a light piece of clothing between your feet and the mat. 


Someone stands on the blue acupressure mat